Gothic Dreams

The Cult of the flesh eaters


Players started sitting around a camp fire while on a hunting trip. While they talked the fire started to flare and the following happened.
“As they sat around the fire chatting the fire suddenly flares up with a roar and sparks burst from it. A sound like a strong wind erupts from the flames as they swirl into a small tornado. The light of the fire intensifies causing the players to shield their eyes. Just as suddenly as the flames arrived things seem to calm down. As the move their hands away from their eyes they see the flames have formed themselves into the image of a young girl”Jenny

She begs for their aid informs them that she is at Kell Torr Farm

Players discover upon arrival that the farm is besieged by zombies.

Zombies controlled by strange cloaked figure.

upon the death of the cloaked figure the undead drop down fully dead.



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